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Do snakes have bones?

Do snakes have bones? Snakes belong to the family of reptiles who are incredibly notorious for having venom and some snakes are so venomous that if they bite someone, their survival is highly tricky. The types of snakes vary in different regions of the world where their characteristics are different in different areas.

The colour, the skin thickness, the ability to fly and most importantly, the venom intensity. In some areas of the world, venom is so dangerous that the victim’s survival chances are quite bleak and slim. However, all snakes are venomous to kill a person if proper medication is taken in time.


Most snakes are found in the wild areas where there is an abundant supply of rodents and other reptiles. Snakes usually feed on rodents most common of them are rats which are the most delightful meal for the snake. They usually live in the tree holes and the muddy area where water is readily available. Their behaviour is different in different regions of the world because there are certain types of snakes which can even fly and even swim in the water. Thus, it depends on the area where the snake is found and what kind of behaviour snake would have.

Do snakes have bones?

You might have seen the snakes curling up and might be of the view that snakes are boneless and do not have any bone in their whole body. But they have a bone in their body and this one of the unusual creatures on the earth. Snakes not only have a bone in their body, but their skin type makes them stand alone from other reptile’s family owing to the unique nature of skin.

Other reptiles have hinds and limbs to get around, but this is not true for snakes as they don’t have any limbs. The cylindrical body of the snake has very strong muscles that allow them to contract and extend so quickly which assists them in moving around. Animals with bones are known as vertebrates and snakes are vertebrates.

What is bone-like?

The snake's backbone is made up of vertebrae which are attached to ribs. Snakes have around 200 to 400 vertebrae, many of them are ribs attached. This is something that makes them so flexible and helps them move along. It is pretty easy to believe that snakes don’t have bones but they do have, and this is what helps them to expand and contract.

If you ever notice a dead snake, you might have noticed that there is always something that remains in the skull area. This leads us into believing that there are a series of bones that make up the head area of the snake. Thus, it gives enough explanation that snakes have a large number of bones to support their frame.

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