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Why do rodents chew on wires?

Why do rodents chew on wires? You have found chewing signs here and there, and you are wondering what or who is doing that. Rodents like to chew things, and they have their reasons for it. But for you as a homeowner this means trouble. As they can destroy your insulation, roof, tiles, furniture and walls in addition to other things. They can cause a certain deal of trouble for you and the only way to avoid it us by getting rid of these rodents. It’s because it is there habit and the only thing you can do about it trying to remove them.

To prevent their teeth from over growing

The chewing teeth of rodents are known as incisors which are dark yellow to orange in colour. These rodents like rats, mice and squirrels etc. can suffer from a medical condition in which their front teeth, i.e. incisors grow continuously. In a healthy rodent, this problem will not occur, and their teeth will be properly lined and growing at their normal rate. They only have to grind their teeth together to prevent overgrowth. However, the rodents with this problem have to chew on things to prevent their incisors from overdoing. In the worst case, the teeth can become too long preventing the rodent from eating anything. It will probably be horror sight if you see one of these rodents running around in your home.

Attracted to chewable materials

These rodents are attracted to anything that is chewable. You will never find them chewing on concrete slabs. They are attracted to materials like plastic, wood, rubber and other eatables. That is why you find them chewing on cables, insulation or wood. So, it is no use hiding certain materials from them as there will always be anything that they can chew. The only way you can save yourself the trouble is by getting rid of them.

Attracted to green wires

Some professionals say that these rodents are often attracted to green wires as they have found the green wire of the bunch chewed off. If this a psychological factor a medical condition it is not known, but the situation does not change for you. Some people or professionals try to hide the green wire or object if there is a presence of rodent detected. But this fact is yet to be proved.

How to deal with it

As stated earlier you have to get rid of the rodent. You can start by using rodent deterrents and repellents to annoy the rodent into leaving out the door. If that doesn’t help you can use various traps to trap the rodent. After that, you can leave it at a remote location. After that perform a thorough inspection, cleaning and repairing of your place.

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